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BEST Easels are an industry gold standard for excellence!

BEST Easels are known as some of the finest in the world. Their design, materials, and construction set the standard for anyone looking for fine artists' equipment.

Why purchase a BEST Easel?

- BEST Easels and Taborets are built to last a lifetime!
- Manufactured in Kimberly, Wisconsin, USA their factory offers superior customer service
- BEST Easels and Taborets are fine furniture and suitable for serious artists
- Your artwork deserves the very BEST

How are Best Easels made?

Each BEST Easel is made of American Red Oak, sanded to a smooth surface, then hand-rubbed with oil to reveal the inherent beauty of the wood grain. The craftsmen at BEST nail, glue, and wood screw every joint, ensuring strength and precision. Only the highest quality hardware is used as these easels are built to last a lifetime.

Best easel Limited Lifetime Warranty

BEST Artist Easels will repair or replace any part from any BEST Easel or Taboret that proves defective with normal use within the lifetime of the original owner.

Replacement of parts under normal wear

Wedgelocks, winches and knobs may experience normal wear and require replacement over time. This falls outside the Limited Lifetime Warranty. These parts will be replaced at no charge for one year from purchase date and replaced at reasonable cost plus shipping and handling after one year. Customer is responsible for shipping the part or easel to us as well as return shipping.
Contact customer service at 001 800-233-2404 for a repair authorization number, prior to shipping. Proof of purchase from a BEST Easel retailer is required. For full warranty details, and to get a repairs, service, parts and warranty claim form, visit their website at www.richesonart.com.

The Story of Best Easels

Best Artist Products began in 1979 with a single product: a heavy-duty wood canvas stretcher bar for professional painters. The intent was to develop a product that would significantly improve the wood bar that was popular at that time. The end result was a heavy-duty canvas stretcher bar system with a 1/2 inch rise on its outside top lip to separate the stretched canvas from the interior edge of the stretcher frame with corners that allowed for keying to stretch out.
As painters saw the new stretcher bar, and the area art supply stores put them on their shelves, I was soon spending all my time making stretcher bars and very little time painting. However, as my business grew and I hired people to work with me, I was able to get back into my studio to start painting more. At one point I went to the local art supply store and purchased a metal studio easel – thinking it would be strong – only to learn that I had to assemble it from directions in a foreign language, poorly translated into English, with poor drawings explaining the assembly steps.

Once the easel was assembled, it did not work like the floor model at the art supply store, was not sturdy, and made me less productive as a painter because I was constantly fooling with the easel. For that reason, I went to my shop and built my first wood easel.

It was huge, over-built, heavy, and of course, very strong. But it was a start.That was in the mid 1980’s. Easels on the market at that time were lightweight and arrived at the art supply store in knocked down form, which meant that every piece had to be assembled by the artist after purchase. The easel manufacturer relied upon the assembly skills of the consumer which I felt put too much responsibility on the customer.

We at BEST intended to design our easels to ship 90% assembled, which meant that all the joints were glued, nailed and screwed together, resulting in a stronger and more stable product. Other design innovations followed – the wedge lock system to tighten the tray onto the easel frame and/or mast would insure that the tray would not wiggle during the painting process; the slide guides, milled from self- lubricating plastic, would eliminate bolt thread wear on the legs and movable parts and result in an easier slide and a product that would last longer; double hinges on wider plates that attached the legs to the frame meant more stability to the easel.It is important to note that our designs and products offered the painter the tools with which he could be more productive and more professional in the painting process. Designs were the evolutions and contributions of many people on our crew (Sitha Mam still oversees the production of the Best easels, and Reydecil Flores continues to oversee the Stretcher Bar cutting)
by John Rise, Founder of Best Easels.


Please Note that this range is classified as 'special order' and are therefore not classified as 'in stock'. The delivery time is therefore longer than normal at approximately 14 days from the point of order. Generally all of the Best easel range are delivery on a pallet and will therefore require the purchaser to arrange limited assembly from instructions provided. Should you require any further information then please make contact with us.

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