Face Painting

You can paint a fantastic face from the first time you pick up a face painting brush. With only a few colours and simple strokes, it really is easy to create simple designs that children will love. Then, with practice, you can learn to create incredibly detailed works of art.
You will not need to buy vast amounts of expensive equipment, but the following items are essential.
Essential Tools:
• Water based face paints - you can choose from individual pots of colour or a standard 8 colour palette. We recommend you start with at least the three primary colours: red, yellow, blue, plus a black and white, this way you will be able to create other colours by mixing them. If you need some help mixing colours you can purchase our 28 page face painting guide which includes a mixing chart to give you a helping hand.
• Sponges - we suggest using a high density sponge as this type of sponge will give you better coverage and reduce any streaking. When using a sponge try cutting one into wedges as this will give you a fine edge as well as a broad surface. For more useful tips on using sponges, see our Basic Techniques section.
• Brushes – Use brushes for the finer details. Snazaroo brushes are made from Toray and they are one of the best types of brushes for face painting as they give more control. They are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore much less expensive than sable brushes. For more useful tips on brushes for face painting, see our Basic Techniques section.
• Bowl of water – to rinse your sponges and brushes.

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