An easel is an upright support used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it. There are two common designs for easels: Tripod designs are based on three legs. Variations include crossbars to make the easel more stable and an independent mechanism to allow for the vertical adjustment of the working plane without sacrificing the stability of the three legs of the easel. H-Frame designs are based on right angles. All posts are generally parallel to each other with the base of the easel being rectangular. The main portion of the easel consists of two vertical posts with a horizontal crossbar support, thus giving the design the general shape of an "H." Variations include additions that allow the easel's angle with respect to the ground to be adjusted. Artist easel – Typically are fully adjustable to accommodate for different angles. Most have built-in anti-skid plates on the feet to prevent sliding. They are collapsible and overall very slim in stature to fit in small spaces around the studio. Paint station – Meant as a more stationary console. These are usually equipped with various holsters, slots and supporting platforms to accommodate for buckets, brushes and canvas styles. Most of the components can be broken down for easy cleaning and storage. Children's easel – Intended to be more durable. Typically shorter than standard easels and usually come equipped with dry erase boards and/or chalkboards attached. Display easel – These are for display purposes and are meant to enhance the presentation of a painting. Facilitation easel – These are for capturing audience or participant input and are meant to involve the participants with the content.

New Products For September - Easels

Caballitto Artist Donkey Bench
Caballitto Artist Donkey Bench
Retail Price: £144.43
You save: £25.57  (21%)
Our Price: £113.75
Best Abiquiu Deluxe Professional Studio Easel by Richeson Easels
Best Abiquiu Deluxe Professional Studio Easel by Richeson Easels
Retail Price: £2,820.00
You save: £298.32  (13%)
Our Price: £2,462.02

Featured Products - Easels

Dart Sketching Easel WINSOR & NEWTON
Dart Sketching Easel WINSOR & NEWTON
Retail Price: £49.99
You save: £25.67  (62%)
Our Price: £19.19

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