Watercolour Brushes

Every water colour brush in the world should do three important things. It's how well these things are done that separates the best from the rest. Here are the three benchmarks that every water colour brush aspires to:
A great point - The brush should come to a crisp point, an excellent brush will hold that point during use allowing the artist to create edges and fine detail. Perfect 'snap' or spring - The brush should spring crisply back into shape during use. The right degree of spring allows the artist to have control with an element of ‘give and take' between the brush and the surface.
Even flow control - The colour should flow evenly and consistently from the point of the brush and there should be capacity within the belly of the brush to allow the artist to lay down flowing, gestural strokes of colour.
Water colour brushes are generally made from two types of hair:
There are different grades of sable hair, but the very best are the Kolinsky sable from Siberia. The finest Kolinsky is a soft, golden-brown colour that darkens at the tip.
The finest hairs come from the tip of the tail of the male Kolinsky, hairs from other parts of the sable pelt are used in lesser quality brushes. Second quality hairs are much shorter and less "springy" than their counterparts, however they are a little more affordable and still provide a high quality brush.
We also provide a selection of brushes made from superior synthetic filaments. The advantage of these brushes is their affordability, however our many years experience in brush-making mean that we have been able to source synthetic fibres with excellent colour carrying capacity and much improved spring. This makes our synthetic brushes a first choice for many artists.


New Products For November - Watercolour Brushes

Pro Arte Prolene Water Colour Brush Round (Series 101) - 5
Pro Arte Prolene Water Colour Brush Round (Series 101) - 5
Retail Price: £4.85
You save: £0.09  (2%)
Our Price: £4.74
Pro Arte Prolene Water Colour Brush Round (Series 101) - 7
Pro Arte Prolene Water Colour Brush Round (Series 101) - 7
Retail Price: £5.80
You save: £-0.03  (-1%)
Our Price: £5.83

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