Black/Grey Foamboard

Foam core or Foam board is a very strong, lightweight and easily cut material used for the mounting of photographic prints, as backing in picture framing, in 3D design, and in painting. It is also in a material category referred to as "Paper-faced Foam Board". It consists of three layers ? an inner layer of polystyrene clad with outer facing of either a white claycoated paper or brown kraft paper. It can be used for many applications including craft projects, banner printing, signage etc etc. The most common colours and sizes sold are white (both sides) and with a thickness of 5mm, sheet size A1 or A2 are the most popular. The are sold in packs or box quantities, generally packs of 10 or 20 sheets. Due to their properties we do not sell single sheets. An eco-friendly foamboard for all your creative and professional applications. Acid free paper, neutral pH, anti UV treated to resist yellowing, non toxic, produced without CFCs, does not attack the ozone layer, recyclable polystyrene. Prototypes & Mockups - Present your work professionally and command greater attention with foamboard. It can be cut easily with a craft knife to give the sharpest of detail to any construction, from a product prototype to a scale model of an entire city. Presentations - Westfoam creates an ideal backdrop for your presentations and story boards, it is light, durable and easy to handle. Hobbies & Craft - foamboard is perfect for all manner of craft projects: stick with sequins and pearls, incrust cloth and paper, cover with brilliant coloured serviettes. Surface can be coloured with acrylic paint, Indian Ink & marker pens. Mounting - Whether mounting photographs, charts or layouts. foamboard gets your message across with impact.

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